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Some recommendations if you haven't browsed through our links yet:

* Our editorial this week pays tribute to Dr. William Harrison of Fayetteville, the ob/gyn and abortion provider who is retiring at 74 in ill health. It also highlights Rep. John Boozman's membership in an ignoble group of Republicans who've voted to end Medicare as we know it, a disaster if it happens.

* Speaking of John Boozman's lamentable record on health care for Americans, Ernest Dumas has a suggestion for the final days of Sen. Blanche Lincoln's re-election campaign. Make the race about Boozman and his voting record. Run on the health care law, not against it.

* I've written about the additional threat a Green Party candidate poses to Lincoln's already longshot re-election effort. The prospect of a Lincoln loss doesn't bother many readers here, I well know. But a Green vote is a vote for Boozman and there's a huge and people-impacting difference between the voting record of Boozman and Lincoln. I'm not going to be a part of advancing Boozman's damaging agenda.

Speaking of the Lincoln campaign: I'm guessing Bill Clinton will be back for the November push. He's the surrogate of choice for other Democrats in trouble around the country.

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