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Beebe: No fee increases on my watch



Gov. Mike Beebe is attempting to put the kibosh on a proposal to increase fees at state parks. Remember Cubans and car tags? There'll be no SUVs-and-State-Park-fees chant on Beebe's watch.

His statement:

Citing the current economic environment, Governor Mike Beebe is asking the Parks, Recreation and Travel Commission to hold fees at Arkansas State Parks at their current levels. Beebe made the request to Arkansas Parks and Tourism Director Richard Davies on Tuesday afternoon. The Commission has proposed a 10-percent increase for park fees, and is expected to hold a final vote on the fees later this month.

"Now is not the time to increase the costs for Arkansans to enjoy our State Parks," Beebe said. "We want to do all we can to encourage Arkansans to stay home and utilize these treasures, especially with a slowly-recovering economy and the disrupted travel season on the Gulf Coast. Fees must sometimes be adjusted to help fund the parks, but now is simply not the time for such an adjustment."

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