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UCA won't seek smoking waiver UPDATE



I notice in the Log Cabin Democrat headline feed (a story based on reporting in a D-G zoned section) that UCA officials may seek an exemption from the brand-new smoking ban on all Arkansas public college property for the UCA president's residence.

This would not be a good example to set.

UPDATE: UCA President Allen Meadors sent an elaboration on this story that should be of interest to all who have commented:

When the reporter asked the question about the President's Residence, our Vice President for Government and Community Relations, Mr. Jeff Pitchford, just indicated that he doubted that personal residences were considered in the intent of this piece of legislation. He thought this piece might be looked at again if the State had an employee(s) who was required to live in State housing as part of his/her job.

The University of Central Arkansas is not considering seeking to request a change in this law. I will say, that as a former Public Health Official, the concern is the potential issue with second-hand smoke not what individuals do in the privacy of their homes. It just so happens that some employees live in houses owned by the University.

I hope this clarifies our discussion on this matter. Thanks.

PS: Ozarks Unbound notes that UA in Fayetteville will give smokers a grace period of about a month of warnings before slapping them with tickets under the new law. I presume they'll do the same for me on the next parking ticket I receive on campus.

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