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Who came to the Tea Party?



Talking Points Memo covered a Tea Party rally yesterday in Philadelphia, an event advertised as a demonstration of the diversity in the ranks of the movement.

Not much diversity in evidence, TPM reports. Not so many people at all, in fact. It has been hot.

[Conservative black blogger Vanessa Jean] Louis said there was a simple explanation for why there aren't more black tea partiers.

"Typically the conservative movement is predominantly white," she said. "But there are black people there. And there are more and more black people waking up to what it means, what higher taxes mean."

The few African Americans scattered amongst the audience seemed to agree. All of the minorities in the crowd that we talked to said they were comfortable being part of a movement that they acknowledged was very white, and they said that charges of racism against tea pariters from some African Americans are largely coming from the movement's political enemies.

The long-term effect of what was essentially a small group of white tea partiers gathering to be told by minorities that they're not racist is unclear. But organizers said they accomplished a lot at the event, and said that more Uni-Tea rallies are planned for the future.

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