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The advantages of secrecy UPDATE



Please note Rep. John Boozman's criticism of Senate legislation — filibustered by Republicans yesterday — to require transparency for the Supreme Court-ordered forced liberalization of corporate campaign spending.

Boozman says the legislation is about Democrats doing anything they can to gain an advantage. His quote in morning paper:

“They’re desperate to get anything passed. They’ll do anything they can get an advantage.”

He said it. Openness in campaign finance, and some limits on corporate influence, are advantages to Democrats.

To a Republican, secrecy in campaign finance and unlimited corporate money are advantages.

I get it.

UPDATE: Speaking of Rep. John "Nice Guy" Boozman: The Arkansas Leader reminds us that he is not only heartless about extending aid to the unemployed while advocating tax breaks for rich people, he is also a liar.

Boozman said he was philosophically opposed to extending jobless benefits without countervailing cuts in spending elsewhere.

But he was not truthful. When it was a Republican president seeking to stimulate the economy by extending unemployment benefits, he always voted for it, once in 2002, twice in 2003 and twice in 2008. Those were the days when President George W. Bush, aided by a Congress of his own party, was building the massive deficits. Deficits became a big issue only when President Obama inherited them.

Nice guy. If you like them cruel and dishonest.

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