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Set your a/c at 68, roast a Yankee



As we swelter through day after day of triple-digit heat index readings, it's been slightly entertaining to see the heat prostration on national TV networks and newspapers over the East's heat wave.

It is hot in New York. I spent a week there recently and it wasn't pleasant. Air conditioning isn't always a given, unlike in Arkansas. But city buses had positively frosty air conditioning, which made a long ride pleasant. But if New Yorkers want to talk hot, I'd be happy to introduce them to the summer of 1980.

I'm inspired by a topic today on a New York Times blog — "how the heat has changed your life."

Arkies could provide a lifetime of experience.

A reader remembers the summer of 1980 all too well:

Boy, do I remember that summer as well.

A gasoline shortage that affected consumers, farmers, and truckers; highways that buckled; water use restrictions; drought; and the worst of all, 41 deaths due to the heat.

On the political side, we had the Freedom Flotilla and Cubans housed at Fort Chaffee, a Titan II exlposion around Damascus, a grain embargo hurting farmers, an Olympic boycott, the Iranian hostage crisis, double-digit inflation, and, of course, the infamous car tag increases

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