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Arizona immigration law hits roadblock



A federal judge has temporarily blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona's law cracking down on undocumented immigrants and anybody who looks like they might be one.

Jim Keet, continuing to run for governor of Arkansas on a national ticket, comments:

“I continue to be supportive of the Arizona law. The federal government has failed the people of Arizona and after 18 months of inaction by the Obama administration they are taking proactive steps to protect their citizens,” said Keet. “I disagree with the court’s decision to partially block this law. I hope that the United States Supreme Court will ultimately decide this issue and will uphold the right of the state of Arizona to protect its citizens,” said Keet.

“The Obama Administration claims that the Arizona law is in conflict with federal law, but is silent with respect to sanctuary cities, which are an obvious violation of federal law. This double-standard is troubling to anyone serious about securing our borders. Governor Beebe’s silence on this is another instance where he has quietly supported the Obama administration and its agenda,” said Keet.

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