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Craighead County likes nepotism



Here's a Jonesboro Sun story to inspire faith in local elected officials. The Craighead County Quorum Court rejected a proposed anti-nepotism rule in county hiring despite the fact that many similiarly-sized counties have them.

“This is Craighead County, and we don’t have to follow other counties’ policies,” Justice of the Peace Jim Bryant said.

Public Affairs Committee members, who originally proposed the law, reportedly contacted counties similar in size to Craighead and asked if they had nepotism policies. Counties included Sebastian, Searcy, Washington, Saline and Faulkner.

All counties contacted have anti-nepotism policies, committee members said.

“We are elected by the people to run our offices as we see fit,” County Judge Dale Haas said. “And part of that is hiring workers that we know will work hard.”

Really. If you can't hire relatives, why have a public job in the first place?

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