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The price of Hogs



Chris Bahn has an interesting report in Arkansas Sports 360 about the Razorback Athletics Annual Report. He intuits that a push is coming soon for a higher per-seat contribution for preferred seating at Hog football games.

The UA is lagging behind other SEC schools in money and facilities and, well, somebody's got to pay.

Inside sources have been predicting this move for months at Fayetteville. Our inquiries to the Athletic Department have been directed to the Razorback Foundation, which talks only to God (Frank Broyles) and Athletic Director Jeff Long. They simply do not take calls from reporters.

Revenue needs and relative seat prices aside, it is an outrage that an enterprise so inextricably tied to public functions — seat sales in a publicly owned facility to sporting contests of a public institution — are so wholly unaccountable to the public. It's wrong and, I'd argue, illegal. I think precedent elsewhere and our law could support a successful FOI lawsuit over this high-handed practice, but who's got the money, particularly given the home-cooking the Hogs typically get in court?

Anyway, with radio talk show fever near the boiling point, it looks to be a good time to ask people to ante up more dough to see their beloved Hogs. Jeff Long will be calling.

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