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The cars — and the plane



Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Keet is going to repeat himself at a press conference today about presumed abuse of the state vehicle fleet. Remains to be seen if he has anything new to say. He's apparently going to whip this horse as long as he can.

I did have this stray thought: 8,500 state vehicles. At an average cost of $10,000 each (low unless the numbers are swollen by an abundance s of golf cart-style vehicles on college campuses and the like), you're talking about $85 million worth of vehicles, just in purchase price, never mind fuel and maintenance. Real money. But perhaps justified money. It could be time for some justifying. Keet also might want to call tax fugitive Mike Huckabee down in Florida (where Keet was a voter himself until recently) to ask him how he allowed the fleet to grow so big during his 10 years as governor.

Oh, and it was Huck who flew that last plane into the ground advancing his political career. The state was forced to buy a new one for the State Police, which actually uses it for law enforcement duties. Keet wants to sell it.

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