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Here's a fresh one.

Meanwhile, I'm stilll awaiting word on the Green Party nominating convention this morning at Juanita's. I know Bobby Tullis, a former legislator from Mineral Springs, was nominated for treasurer and is set to unveil a campaign against the incumbent, "Queen" Martha Shoffner, who took some bruising in Autogate coverage.

Governor, secretary of state and auditor also will have Green candidates on the state officie level, Tullis said. I'm assuming John Gray is still on as a Senate candidate.

UPDATE: Jim Lendall will lead the ticket as gubernatorial candidate. I'd guess the former legislator is a solid bet to lead the party to 3 percent of the vote and automatic ballot eligibility in 2012. Needless to say a significant Green vote in any race already contested by Democratic and Republican candidates presents the possibility of a Nader effect.

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