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Can UCA really slam the door on access to football coach Clint Conque's computer, even if it contains information on whether its use violated school policy and reflects on his workplace interaction with employees?

I don't think so. Consider, from one policy:

Employee and student access to and use of electronic tools such as e-mail and the Internet is intended for university business and educationally-related purposes. Limited and reasonable use of these tools for occasional employee personal purposes is permitted as long as the use does not result in additional cost or loss of time or resources for intended business purposes.


Faculty, staff, and students must use good judgment in the use of all computing resources, including but not limited to Internet access and e-mail use. E-mail messages must be appropriate in type, tone and content.

Then there's this 2009 policy with a clear prohibition on personal use of university equipment. Is it not a reflection on Conque's performance or lack of performance of his duties if his computer is full of evidence of personal use of equipment?

Mr. Courtway?

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