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Whose side are they on?



You know the Republicans are advocating continuation of tax cuts for the wealthy. Help for the little guys? Not interested. Rep. Boozman, where are you on this one? With the Party of No, undoubtedly.

Perhaps the last best hope of Democrats to pass legislation aimed at creating jobs before the November elections seemed to be crumbling in the Senate on Wednesday as Republicans signaled that they would block a bill to expand government lending programs and grant an array of tax breaks to small businesses.

Rich folks don't need jobs. They don't need health care (Sen. Cecile Bledsoe's opinion in a legislative committee yesterday that most working people could afford health insurance, they just choose not to buy it, was perhaps the tone-deaf quote of the year from Republicans.) They don't need unemployment benefits. They don't want Wall Street reform. And, unbelievably, in a poor state like Arkansas, the view seems likely to be endorsed by voters in November.

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