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No charges in Bush attorney firings



A special prosecutor has concluded there are no prosecutable crimes in the Bush Administration firing of U.S. attorneys to install new prosecutors.

No crime does NOT mean no foul. The prosecutor did find inappropriately political actions in the moves. Reporting at the link will remind you of many smelly elements of the moves, including the ouster of Bud Cummins in Little Rock to provide a stepping stone for Karl Rove button man Tim Griffin, now the Republican candidate for 2nd District Congress.

This was Bush political thuggery at work, crime or no crime.

Don't believe this is exoneration. Read this analysis.

Here's the text of letter summarizing the conclusion of the probe. Lots of critical stuff. For example, should the Bushies boast that they weren't proved to have tried to "influence" the U.S. attorney they fired in New Mexico, note: They merely made sure he was fired so he could never take action again.

Justice Department officials also were found to have made inaccurate and misleading statements, but evidence was insufficient to prove that they were materially false and thus a crime. Said the letter:

The Attorney General remains deeply dismayed by the OIG/OPR findings related to politicization of the Department's actions, and has taken steps to ensure those mistakes will not be repeated.

No day for celebration by the Rove Mob.

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