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Graphic reporting on bomb trial



I started the morning musing about the absence of direct evidence implicating Dr. Randeep Mann in the bombing of State Medical Board Chairman Trent Pierce.

The trial continues and I couldn't help but notice that David Goins over at Fox 16 had given an undoctored account in a Twitter feed of testimony about words purportedly uttered by the defendant:

Witness: Russellville doctor on the AR state medical board: "he said he wished he could kill those motherfuckers."

The account on the Fox 16 website was cleaned up. (The jury, of course, didn't hear it with the asterisks.) Strong stuff.

A close family friend of a doctor accused of planning a bombing told jurors Wednesday that Randeep Mann was "not pleased" with the state medical board and that "he said he wished he could kill those mother*******."

Gerald Riley, a personal trainer from Russellviille, is the latest prosecution witness in the government's case against Mann for masterminding the bombing of state medical board chairman Trent Pierce.

Riley says on numerous occasions Mann confided in him his displeasure with the board, but not with any individual in particular.

"He said he was being singled out, because he was a minority, not American," Riley told jurors.

Assistant U.S. attorney Michael Gordon asked Riley if Mann said anything about the February 2009 bombing after it happened.

"He said maybe the bombing was to do what it did do, which was make the individual suffer," Riley said. "He said exactly, 'they should experience suffering like I'm suffering'."

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