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Do voters care about the unemployed?



With a vote tomorrow, President Obama is highlighting the Republican Party's opposition to extension of unemployment benefits.

Locally, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is highlighting Rep. John Boozman's vote against helping the long-term unemployed. (See release on jump).

Where do voter sympathies lie? Have they bought the line that all the unemployed are sorry deadbeats who prefer the dole to honest toil?

Worse still, will Republicans really be successful in selling America on how good things were under George W. Bush, architect of the current collapse?


With a crucial vote set for tomorrow on extending unemployment benefits to millions of out of work Americans, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is attacking Congressman John Boozman for standing with the out of touch Republican leadership, who have been stubbornly obstructing unemployment benefits, and not with the people of Arkansas by opposing an extension of unemployment benefits. Due to Republican obstructionism, over 16,000 unemployed Arkansans have already lost their unemployment benefits, with more set to lose benefits if the Senate does not act immediately.

“In his opposition to helping Arkansans who cannot find work, Congressman John Boozman demonstrates just how out of touch he really is,” said DSCC Communications Director Eric Schultz. “With Washington Republicans nearly united in their opposition to extending unemployment benefits, Congressman Boozman is proving his loyalty lies with them and not with Arkansans. Congressman Boozman has never met a special interest he didn’t support, but when it comes to supporting the people of Arkansas who need it the most, he’s got other priorities.”

Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will vote on extending unemployment benefits to millions of Americans who lost jobs due to the misguided policies put into place by the previous administration. The failed Bush economic policies, championed by Republican leadership, devastated our economy and brought on the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now, Republican Senate candidates across the country are running campaigns based on returning to these failed economic policies which placed the special interests and extremely wealthy over everyone else.

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