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Annals of gun nuttery



For today's consideration:

* The video above shows how supporters of a Palin-backed candidate for U.S. Senate in Alaska come equipped for a political parade. With lots of guns. Because you just never know when you might have to draw down on some obnoxious person with your semi-automatic assault rifle.

* Then you have a nut in body armor with lots of weapons who is suspected of opening fire on California cops. He was upset about the "left-wing agenda," his mother said.

* In case you weren't around Saturday, there's also the Tennessee real estate speculator with Arkie roots, a concealed carry permit holder, who gunned down an unarmed man in a Memphis suburb who parked too close to his Hummer. (Good day for Hummers. See Alaska Senate candidate.) He'll be getting 25 years to think about whether he could have killed the Fed Ex employee in front of the victim's wife and three kids had he not been carrying that concealed weapon and just exactly what it protected him from.

* UPDATE: OK, yes, in response to popular demand, I should also link the story about the rush to obtain concealed carry permits in Texas by those who want the bypass the permit gives them from metal detector lines at the state Capitol, site of a recent shooting. It seems everybody inside is packing. I'd avoided linkage to this earlier so as not to give any Arkie shoot-em-ups any ideas, but I'm sure the open-carry-in-the-Capitol law will be high on Mark Martin's agenda should he be elected secretary of state. Lock and load, boys and girls.

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