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Sen. Blanche Lincoln had a right to crow, and did, after the Senate passed the Wall Street reform bill she helped write, on a party-line vote of 60 to 39:

"Today, American families and small businesses are still managing the consequences of the reckless behavior that occurred on Wall Street and nearly led to our economic collapse. Congress has a duty to the people we represent and to future generations of Americans to ensure that this country's economic security is never again put in jeopardy. ... This legislation provides one hundred percent transparency and accountability to our shattered financial markets and regulatory system. As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I was proud to help craft the bill's strong derivatives title. This legislation brings a $600 trillion unregulated derivatives market into the light of day, ending the days of Wall Street's backroom deals and putting this money back on Main Street where it belongs. These reforms will get banks back to the business of banking, protect innocent depositors and ensure taxpayers will never again have to foot the bill for risky Wall Street gambling."

Look for Lincoln to hammer on the difference between herself and her opponent, Rep. John Boozman, hostile to reform, friendly to Wall Street.

The Democratic campaign apparatus has taken up the call:

“With Republican House Leader John Boehner calling for repeal of Wall Street reform, will Congressman John Boozman do the same?” said DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy. “After voting against Wall Street reform and shilling for the special interests and big banks for years, Congressman Boozman should tell Arkansas voters if he’ll work towards repealing a bill that protects consumers, holds banks accountable and puts an end to taxpayer-funded bailouts if elected to the Senate next year.”

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