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The line is open



Readers, start your writing engines.

(PS — I'm still in New York, but checking in as I'm able. As luck would have it, this family medical trip occurred a week after I got my first cell phone, an iPhone. I confess, it has been useful. Blogging is theoretically possible, but somewhat difficult given the size of my fingers and the tiny keypad. But I can redistribute the email with ease and check headlines constantly. And take photos: see Eat Ark. if you haven't for my deli lunch.)

(PPS — This just in from the state Securities Securities Commissioner: A unregistered securities broker from Fairfield Bay has been ordered to cease and desist from doing business. The name of his partnerships: TAATS and TAATS3, acronyms for "Things Aren't as They Seem." They really weren't, the commissioner says. See jump.)


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