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John Boozman: Nice guy?



John Brummett thinks Republican senatorial candidate John Boozman is a nice guy.

I don't think nice guys deny disaster relief to farmers. I don't think nice guys deny extended unemployment benefits to desperate Americans. I don't think sanctimony about deficit reduction is an excuse for punishing the needy, not from someone who was a central player in accruing the deficit with pre-emptive war and tax cuts for the rich.

I also don't think nice guys employ slash-and-burn aides who employ incendiary rhetoric. I don't think a nice guy sloughs off these aides' acid tongues by saying they were their words, not his own. I don't think nice guys refuse to talk with or allow their staffs to talk to, or share basic publicly financed press services with, people who disagree with them politically.

But that's just me.

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