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How dense are Ark. voters?



The wisdom of Arkansas voters would appear to be the question as John Brummett explains the underlying idiocy of Republican leader Mitch McConnell's recent visit to Arkansas to tout John Boozman as a replacement for Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Why, McConnell said, he'd even see to it that Boozman could become the junior minority member on the Ag Committee, which Lincoln now chairs.

Here’s what Republicans are betting on in this midterm election cycle, at least in Arkansas: It is that we are so angry about Obama, the accumulation of government authority and the exploding deficit that we will replace a veteran senator often allied with Obama and positioned to spend in our behalf with a freshman senator of the other party who tells us it’s in our greater long-term interest to stop spending.

At some point Lincoln probably is going to say this: I’m for getting the deficit down, too. But I don’t think we need for Arkansas, with all its needs, to offer itself up unilaterally as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of reduced federal spending. There are a lot of ways to get the deficit down, but I don’t think the place to start is with flooded Arkansas farmers and the Arkansas unemployed.

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