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Halter's office on autogate



As I indicated, Attorney General McDaniel's decision to say something about state official car use guaranteed, if nothing else, a continuation of reporting on a subject that otherwise might have died.

McDaniel indirectly jabbed Lt. Gov. Bill Halter for causing all the commotion by letting it be known that he viewed a state car as a benefit sufficient to declare on his income taxes. McDaniel's accountant had taken the view that it wasn't a taxable benefit.

Halter spokesman Garry Hoffmann issued a statement on the matter this afternoon. Halter has been vacatiioning since his Senate primary runoff loss. He'll be back at work tomorrow.

Lieutenant Governor Halter believes the use of a state vehicle for daily commutes is a personal benefit that should be reported as taxable income. This office hasn’t explored the constitutionality of this issue because, frankly, it doesn’t seem that complicated. Lieutenant Governor Halter receives the use of a state vehicle, he reports the personal value of this benefit and he pays the taxes due.

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