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Boozman, McConnell stick hands out



FARM FRIENDLY: Mitch McConnell, John Boozman
  • Jason Tolbert
  • FARM FRIENDLY: Mitch McConnell, John Boozman

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is in Little Rock today to help Rep. John Boozman raise money to unseat Sen. Blanche Lincoln. She notes they're fresh off opposing disaster aid for farmers and extending benefits to the unemployed.

McConnell said he'd see to it that Boozman could get a seat on the Agriculture Committee. Now that would be a fit.

Lincoln is jabbing McConnell on Twitter. Example:

Will Rep. Boozman & Mitch McConnell drive the I-430/630 interchange today? It’s funded by the Recovery Act they voted against.

Alas, Lincoln has only 1,300 followers on her Twitter account.


Fresh off blocking disaster aid for Arkansas farmers and unemployment assistance for Arkansans searching for a job, Congressman John Boozman and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell are in Little Rock today to raise funds for Boozman's Senate campaign.

"It's no wonder Congressman Boozman brought ultimate Washington insider Mitch McConnell to Arkansas to raise money for his campaign," Lincoln campaign communications director Katie Laning Niebaum said. "Boozman and McConnell are two of a kind, who have repeatedly obstructed disaster aid for Arkansas farmers and unemployment assistance for Arkansans searching for a job. While Senator Lincoln is on the front lines fighting for Arkansas's working families and businesses, Congressman Boozman sits back and just says 'no.' The choice is clear: Senator Lincoln has proven she is an independent voice, standing up for Arkansans while Congressman Boozman does little more than provide a rubberstamp for his party."

Congressman Boozman has voted at least 19 times against extending or expanding unemployment benefits. More than 100,000 Arkansans are unemployed, but as recently as last Thursday, Boozman voted against extending benefits for Arkansans still searching for jobs. Just hours earlier, McConnell led all but two Republican Senators in blocking the unemployment insurance extension through November 30. As the Congressional Budget Office has found, aid to the unemployed is a highly cost-effective form of economic stimulus.

Congressman Boozman and D.C. VIP McConnell are also obstructing Sen. Lincoln's $1.5 billion disaster package that will protect Arkansas's 270,000 agriculture jobs and give farmers the certainty they need to stay in business after suffering devastating crop losses due to severe weather last year.

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