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Shall Mike Huckabee lead the GOP?



A HUCK AND HIS DOG: And guitar, at the Florida residents NLR retreat.
  • New Yorker
  • A HUCK AND HIS DOG: And guitar, at the Florida resident's NLR retreat.
John Brummett gives some thought today to Mike Huckabee's role as the leading Republican presidential contender for 2012.

He also analyzes the lengthy New Yorker profile , mostly favorable, that reaped a mountain of attention for Huckabee in the last week or so.

Funny. I read Brummett about a minute after sending the author of the New Yorker piece, Ariel Levy, a preview of Bob Lancaster's column this week on Huckabee's "ick factor" comment about gay people that drew a lot of Internet attention, enough that Huckabee tried to explain himself (unsuccessfully).

The New Yorker profile was revealing and encyclopedic, but I agree with Brummett's assessment:

It was mostly flattering and favorable, devoting far more words to the good side — the independent thought and interest-generating unpredictability, the communication and quipster skills — than to the bad, meaning the huffiness, ethical shortcomings, bad judgment on commutations and paroles, and the occasional meanness or poor taste or hyperbole of those quips.

Yes, the quips. They were on display, too. Regrettably.

Oh, Brummett leans toward thinking Huckabee will stick with his media career rather than run in 2012.

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