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Morning paper thoughts



Two of them after reading the Democrat-Gazette:

1) I still say it is folly to compare standardized test scores for Pulaski County school districts against state averages and those of charter schools without regard to the dramatic demographic differences among them. (The article did take pains to explain the low scores of one charter school by saying it served "high need" students. Welcome to vast segments of the LR, NLR and Pulaski School Districts.)

I'm not saying the local school districts would look better when scores are broken out by comparable demographic segments. I don't know. I'm just saying we can't honestly evaluate performance without taking poverty and race and special education and non-English speakers into account.

2) I had to laugh at the conservative columnist talking about liberals who think money grows on trees and don't possess his sophisticated understanding of economics. This would be the same fellow who took bankruptcy some years back to get out of repaying big credit card debts just ahead of a federal law change that made it harder to discharge such debts. On the other hand, I guess the fellow does have a pretty sophisticated understanding of bankruptcy law.

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