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Boozman: Corporations' friend



The U.S. House yesterday passed legislation to require corporations to disclose their political spending. Make them equal with individuals, in other words. It faces a tough road in the Senate, with the 60-vote requirement.

You can figure the local score in the House. In the Arkansas delegation, only Republican Rep. John Boozman voted against transparency in government (even though the NRA had been exempted from the legislation to quiet the gun nuts.) The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee commented:

“Time after time Congressman Boozman chooses to stand up for the special interests and against Arkansas families,” DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy said. “Voters have every right to know who is paying for the attacks ads blanketing their television screens night after night. Congressman Boozman might make the special interests happy with his voting record, but he sure isn’t building any goodwill with Arkansas families.”

Congressman Boozman has consistently opposed measures designed to help Main Street Arkansas. Congressman Boozman voted against pro-consumer financial regulatory reform late last year, a commonsense jobs package which will provide good paying jobs for Arkansas, and opposed President Obama’s stimulus package, which has already created and saved many jobs in Arkansas.

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