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Steve Patterson, Blanche Lincoln's campaign manager, serves up a steaming dish of spin on how the senator defied conventional wisdom in the primary and will do so again in the fall election.

It speaks for itself. But one note: It is pure horse hockey for Patterson to assert that Lincoln was outspent two-to-one. I'd like to see justification for that. She spent far more than Halter individually and there were ample independent expenditures on her side to counter the labor and liberal spending on Halter.

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To: Interested Parties
From: Steve Patterson, Lincoln Campaign Manager
Date: Friday, June 18
Re: Blanche Lincoln: Battle-Tested and Ready for November
"Bucked conventional wisdom"
Blanche Lincoln emerges from the Arkansas primary season battle-tested and ready for November.
Heading into the June 8 runoff election, political pundits and media alike had written Senator Lincoln's political obituary. She defied conventional wisdom by not only winning that election for an overall 10-0 political campaign record, but also by expanding her May 18 primary election lead.
As Politico's David Catanese writes, "Blanche Lincoln's comeback win Tuesday night served up a rich slice of humble pie for a political class that had prematurely written her off."
"Don't count Lincoln out"
Arkansas Business' Jeff Hankins writes, "It's simply impossible to count her out in November."
Lincoln's campaign was outspent in the primary/runoff more than two-to-one and a public poll was released during the runoff that showed her behind by four points. However, Senator Lincoln is a fighter and, just as she has gotten results for Arkansas in a Washington that is loaded with obstacles, she knows how to win elections. She is not deterred by dire predictions from political pundits about her election chances in the Fall.
Following her remarkable win on June 8, the Batesville Daily Guard's Angelia Roberts wrote, "Right now, my money is still on the little lady from Helena, no matter what editorial writers are saying or how much money special interest groups pour into this state." And under the headline "Don't count Lincoln out," The Hill's A.B. Stoddard writes that though Rep. Boozman hopes to "finish Lincoln off for good ... he should be wary of her record of beating the odds" and he "shouldn't count her out." The Wall Street Journal writes, "Ms. Lincoln may now hold up the union opposition as a badge of honor in her general election campaign - useful in convincing centrist voters that she is an independent-minded candidate who doesn't toe the party line."
"An Independent Voice for Arkansas"
Senator Lincoln has proven she will stand up to the most powerful special interests to represent her beloved state of Arkansas.
Knowing that small businesses employ 97 percent of the state's workers and are the engine of Arkansas's economy, she stood up to the national unions last year by announcing her opposition to a union organizing bill. Later in the year, she stood up to the health insurance companies by putting her state's stamp on health care reform and helping it pass. And today, her financial reform proposal on derivatives trading has drawn the ire of the five major Wall Street banks. Her plan will protect Arkansas's community banks and small businesses and change the way Wall Street does business by making a currently unregulated market fully transparent.
Just as the "experts" cast doubts about her political fortunes, her plan has been predicted for failure since she unveiled it in April. Now in its final stages of deliberation by the House and Senate, it is apparent that Senator Lincoln's plan to more closely regulate speculative derivatives trading and protect individual investors and businesses is gaining momentum rather than losing supporters.
"First Arkansas Ag Committee Chairman Ever"
It was clear that Arkansas Democratic Primary voters ultimately decided that Chairman Lincoln's jurisdiction over programs that generated more than $3 billion of USDA expenditures in Arkansas in 2008 alone is a critical asset to the state.
Since assuming her post last September, Sen. Lincoln has not hesitated to use her influence to benefit Arkansas. Most recently, she asked Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell to join her and other Arkansas officials to personally inspect the tragic disaster caused by flash flooding on federal land in western Arkansas that led to 20 deaths in the early morning hours of June 11.
In January, she forced the Department of Agriculture to deliver a $4 million increase in funding for the Ouachita and Ozark National Forests, which will put more than 700 Arkansans back to work while helping to restore the health of our forests and keep our mills running. She has authored the most ambitious Child Nutrition Plan with the largest investment of new funding ever. Today she is fighting for passage of key federal disaster assistance that will recognize significant crop and livestock losses in Arkansas last year due to heavy rains and flooding and keep our farmers and ranchers in business.
She has announced a series of hearing to begin later this month to prepare for drafting of the 2012 Farm Bill. As Chairman, she is charged with leading the Committee through the multi-year process of writing the bill that spans American agriculture - our nation's farm, nutrition, conservation, rural development, research, forestry and energy priorities.
Sen. Lincoln will continue to use her leadership role to put Arkansas up front and center in Washington, and use it to bring new investment into the Arkansas economy.

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