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Requiem for a Mama Grizzly



Powerline, the conservative blog, finds a moral victory in Cecile Bledsoe's close loss to Steve Womack in the race for Republican nomination for 3rd District Congress. Message: It wouldn't have been so close without Powerline's support and that of Sarah Palin.

I'm happy for Sarah Palin to claim dozens of moral victories. Actual victories? Not so many.

INSTANT ANALYSIS FROM BLEDSOE BACKERS: Womack's ad, which appeared late in the runoff cycle and hammered her for a tax vote that enabled a state trauma system, was damaging. They think it narrowed her margins significantly in counties she carried, such as Sebastian. They point, for example, to a wider margin among early voters in Sebastian County compared with election day voting.

UPDATE: Jason Tolbert skewers the self-important Powerline with a little editing of their factually challenged post.

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