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Totals rise and Lincoln still on top



I do believe my early smell of a trend may prove correct. With 5 percent of the precincts counted (but more than 25 percent of the total vote), Blanche Lincoln enjoys a 53-47 lead over Bill Halter with 62,000 votes counted. Only 329,000 were cast in the preferential primary. Even an unusually high two-thirds runoff vote would produce only 220,000 votes. (I just got secretary of state figures: Early voting for the runoff was about two-thirds of the early voting for the preferential primary.)

I think you can write down Pat O'Brien for secretary of state and 23-year-old L.J. Bryant for land commissioner, both as Democratic nominees with fall Republican opponents.

In Congress, I won't be so brassy. Everything there is too close to call: Elliot v. Wills for 2nd Dist. Dem; Causey v. Woolridge for 1st Dist. Dem.; Womack v. Bledsoe for 3rd Dist. Rep.

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