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Progressives toil for Halter


17 comments details how members of the progressive political group responded to the campaign to get behind Bill Halter in the race for U.S. Senate. It meant money. But it also meant grassroots volunteer time, not just another order of TV time. Read it on the jump.

And then there's the Progressive Change Campaign Committee which produced this last-minute ad:

Statement of Ilyse Hogue, Director of Political Advocacy and Communications for, on today’s primary:

“Whether Bill Halter wins or loses tonight, this race has been a clear signal that Progressives in this country are looking to fight for the Democratic candidates that fight for us. The BP Gulf Oil disaster is just the latest example of the devastation that results when corporate interests and our government are too closely aligned. That's why MoveOn's 5 million members have invested almost $3 million and countless volunteer hours in Bill Halters candidacy. Combating decades of corporation corruption in the Washington culture is no easy feat—it happens race-by-race, election by election. But the energy behind Bill Halter shows that progressives are up to the task and are realizing that not all Democrats are created equal when it comes to shaking things up on behalf of middle-class families.”

Here's an example of some of the work the more than 5 million MoveOn members have done to support Bill Halter:

· Last year, over 60,000 MoveOn members pledged to donate over $2 million to primary challengers who ran against any Democratic Senator who blocked a vote on health care reform with a public option
· As Bill Halter considered running against Sen. Lincoln, over 135,000 MoveOn members signed a petition in March urging him to enter the race
· 60,529 MoveOn members donated $2.4 million to Halter's campaign ($231,000 since the May 18 primary)
· MoveOn members have so far made over 45,000 calls to Arkansans — reminding them to vote and recruiting grassroots progressives to volunteer for the campaign (We conservatively expect to have made at least 50,000 calls by the time the polls close today).

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