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People (Halter) vs. PACs (Lincoln)



Sen. Blanche Lincoln's final campaign has been almost solely devoted to old-fashioned union bashing. She complains that labor goons are trying to buy this election for Bill Halter.

But wait. There's another way to look at it.

As Think Progress points out today, Halter has received money from the AFL-CIO and others outside Arkansas. But in the 2009-2010 campaign season, that amounted to 5 percent of his total, with 93 percent coming from individuals. In other words, the funding emphasis is on people.

The Senator, on the other hand, got 38 percent of her campaign dough from PACS. Among them:

$10,000 from Chevron
$5000 from ExxonMobil
$5000 from Occidental Petroleum
$4000 from British Petroleum
$7000 from Anadarko
$6000 from Bayer
$5500 from Blue Cross Blue Shield
$5000 from Boeing
$5000 from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
$6000 from Comcast
$6500 from Goldman Sachs
$6500 from JP Morgan Chase
$7000 from Lockheed Martin
$8000 from Wal-Mart

PS — Yes, of course there have been large independent expenditures not included in these totals. For both candidates.

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