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NLR School board to hear TIF settlement


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Mayor Pat Hays' henchman, City Attorney Jason Carter, will explain Tuesday his figleaf settlement idea for the North Little Rock School Board's lawsuit against the city. It is over the gerrymandered and legally contemptuous tax increment finance district that Hays and Carter cooked up in the waning minutes of 2008 so the city could grab school taxes from the $30 million Enclave apartment complex before it was too late. Hays wants the school tax proceeds to build a parking garage downtown as an incentive to lure a new hotel. Eventually, he insists, something will trickle down to the school district from this holdup.

The Hays Syndicate has been leaning on the School Board to settle. Fearing various sorts of financial retribution, the Board might go wobbly.

The time of the meeting is 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. The good news is that, at last word, intervenors in the lawsuit against this school tax pilfering have said they have no intention of settling with Boss Hays.

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