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Will you stilll love me tomorrow?



TWO-FACED?: Door-hangers for Bill Halter.
  • TWO-FACED?: Door-hangers for Bill Halter.

It's almost sad. Do you embrace President Obama? Or do you push him away?

Interestingly enough, in the Democratic runoff primary in Arkansas, Sen. Blanche Lincoln wants to put a big ol' bear hug on Barack Obama and isn't too happy that Bill Halter's supporters in organized labor are suggesting Halter and Obama are a team. The doorhanger seen above has raised the Lincoln campaign's hackles.

Yeah, Obama has backed Lincoln, thanks to a crucial health care vote. Yeah, Halter is more likely to be on the Obama team on more issues than Lincoln. Yeah, Lincoln will be running from Obama faster than a Helena dog runs away from the mayor in November (should she be the nominee). Stilll, it's all kind of interesting.


What won’t the D.C. Unions do to manipulate Arkansas voters? See attached SEIU door hanger with photos of President Obama and Bill Halter side by side that was placed in one predominantly African-American neighborhood in Little Rock. This implied endorsement is just the latest in a long line of attempts by Halter’s D.C. Union allies to manipulate Arkansas voters. Senator Lincoln is proud to have the endorsement of President Obama.


Union Groups Have Spent Nearly $2.5 Million on Television Ads Alone in Runoff Thus Far. After media expenditures of more than $5 million in the primary election, national unions have now spent nearly $2.5 million in the runoff election for television ads attacking Sen. Lincoln, according to a statewide survey of Arkansas broadcast and cable television outlets and radio stations.

FactCheck.org: Labor Unions “Play Fast and Loose With Its Facts” In Attacks on Sen. Lincoln. Under the headline, “Labor Falsely Attacks Lincoln. Again.” FactCheck.org concluded that the SEIU “continues to play fast and loose with its facts” in its attacks on Sen. Lincoln. The nonpartisan site calls another ad, from AFSCME, a “malarkey,” and when asked for evidence to back up its attacks, AFSCME “doesn’t even attempt to back up the ‘millions’ claim.” [FactCheck.org, 5/27/2010]

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