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Wooldridge: The big lie



When you're caught, you can explain. Or you can lie. Tim Wooldridge has apparently  decided to lie about his votes for legislative pay raises and against a tax break on military pay. (You could argue that a small pay raise for people making about $14,000 a year was reasonable. But you shouldn't lie about it. I personally saw him cast a vote against the military tax break. There's even an argument that it was a fiscally sound vote in a time when the legislature was resisting revenue drains, but there's no argument on whether he cast it.)

Chad Causey, his Democratic runoff opponent for 1st District Congress, raises a ruckus about it.


JONESBORO- In a new television commercial, career politician and lobbyist Tim Wooldridge lies about his record on a key vote on veterans’ issues and about voting for pay raises for himself.

Amazingly, his commercial says, “The whole ad is not true” about Chad Causey’s fact-based spot. Wooldridge’s spot goes on to say “Not true” over images the actual documentation of Wooldridge’s voting record against vets and for pay raises.      

Anders Reynolds with Chad Causey’s campaign said, “Our spot is accurate and it’s shocking that Tim Wooldridge would say his thoroughly documented votes are not true.  Tim Wooldridge needs to explain his bad votes instead of lie about them.”   

The Wooldridge ad also says Wooldridge “Tim helped veterans, never himself.”

Reynolds said, “If voting for three pay hikes for yourself is not helping yourself, I don’t know what is.”

The truth of the matter is Tim Wooldridge:

        1) did personally attack Chad Causey

        2) he did vote against tax relief for military families

        3) he voted for three pay raises for himself which results in actually 6 pay increases for him.  

HB 1156; January 17, 2001HB 1050; January 22, 2001
HB 1050; January 18, 2005
HB 1628; April 11, 2005

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