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A trifecta for L.J. Bryant



If Tolbert is right -- and Republicrat D.C. Morrison endorses L.J. Bryant  today in the Democratic runoff for land commissioner -- it would complete an unholy trifecta for Bryant, adding another faux Democrat to his lineup of Jack Critcher and Tim Wooldridge. Who's next? Tommy Robinson?

Or maybe this is another double-reverse bit of psychology by the devious Bryant campaign. They'll call it a Davenport dirty trick. See, they got D.C. to endorse Bryant so real Democrats will vote for Davenport.  Or, wait. Maybe Jason Tolbert is really a Democratic blogger trying to harm undercover Republicans.  Wildly spins the head.

This much is clear. Entirely too much funny business is emanating from the L.J. Bryant camp. It doesn't inspire trust.

PS -- The announcement of a Morrison-Bryant linkup is real. Bryant can't be trusted when he claims the progressive label. Period.

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