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A shot for Dem in the 3rd?


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Roby Brock summarizes the nasty tit-for-tatting in the Republican runoff for 3rd District Congress, which hit its lowest ebb yesterday when a media man for Steve Womack characterized opponent Cecile Bledsoe as a desperate, "aging woman." Expect a gender gap from that crack.

But much as I wish it were so, I think Roby's high-minded analysis is a wish too lofty for the 3rd, home to Boozmans, Holts, Martins and even worse:

Here at Talk Business, we understand the need for businesses to protect themselves.  We understand the need for politicians to score political points.  We also understand the need for voters to know who is going to represent them in Congress with maturity. Based on the latest actions from this Republican run-off (and the plethora of playground antics throughout this primary), Democrat David Whitaker may have a legitimate shot in November despite the overwhelming Republican tilt of this district.



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