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Is that all there is?



Has it come to this? All Blanche Lincoln has left is a page from the Chamber of Commerce anti-union playbook? In a state where organized labor has next to zero clout? When  Bill Halter has essentially answered the card check question by saying his idea of better union legislation would preserve a secret ballot on union organizing?


Or maybe this is just about positioning herself for a new lobbying career in 2011.


After Senator Lincoln said no to the DC Union bosses on their legislation making it easier to form unions by taking away the secret ballot, they recruited multimillionaire Bill Halter to run against her. Now they are spending millions of dollars falsely attacking Senator Lincoln's strong record of standing up for Arkansas's small businesses and working families.

President Clinton defined the race in his Countdown to Victory speech last week when he said: "The national unions admit they don't necessarily favor her opponent. They want to make (Blanche) a poster child.  They want you to be something else besides a voter for your children, your community and your future.  They want you to help them make a poster."

We are now in the final week of this primary election and Bill Halter still has not told Arkansans what he promised the Unions on their Number One Legislative Priority - Card Check or Employee Free Choice Act. Since entering the race, Bill has refused to answer the simple question of where he stands on Card Check more than 23 times documented by our campaign.

This is the single issue that brought the national unions and Bill Halter into this race. So, if as a candidate Bill Halter won't tell us where he stands on this issue, what else will he choose not to tell us?  Senator Lincoln even offered to debate Halter again if he would just answer this question. His response was just more of the same ...Washington double-speak.

When will Bill Halter tell Arkansas voters where he stands on card check legislation? Time is running out.

Bill told the AFL-CIO ... Why won't he tell us?
Even though he promises transparency, Bill Halter has consistently refused to tell Arkansas voters where he stands on the Employee Free Choice Act, no less than 23 times in fact. Read more here.

Sen. Lincoln on Fourth Debate: I'll Be There When Bill Halter Answers Simple Question
Sen. Blanche Lincoln said she is prepared to meet Bill Halter for a fourth debate as soon as he tells Arkansas voters where he stands on card check legislation. Read more here.

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