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Sleepy Saturday



A quiet day.

Or it would have been had I not had two calls at the door from canvassers for Bill Halter. He has a ground game.

And my blood pressure would have been lower had not the day's mail brought the slimiest piece of political mail of the season -- Robbie Wills' nasty attack on Joyce Elliott in the Democratic runoff for 2nd District. It is a preview of hitman Tim Griffin's fall campaign, I suppose, so in that sense she might as well get ready. The cover message (with her photo, in the event you didn't know she looks different than most of the folks that this mailer targeted)"

Joyce's Elliot's Values ...

Restrict gun rights

Outlaw prayer in schools

Extreme abortion views

... Are They Yours?

Answer Robbie: Now, more than ever.

A blog reader sent a copy after having a similar reaction.


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