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Daily Kos, avidly pushing Bill Halter's candidacy as the liberal choice, sneers at the small turnout, (shown above) the scarcity of young black faces and the padding of the crowd by Blanche Lincoln campaign workers at yesterday's rally at Philander Smith with Bill Clinton.

So to reiterate, few in Arkansas gives a shit about Blanche Lincoln anymore. Nor, apparently, about Bill Clinton.

Update: Can you feel the Blanchementum?

Update II: I lied. I can't feel any Blanchementum.

I think Kos may be overly cocky. Movement does seem in Halter's direction, but there remain many conflicted voters in the bedrock Democratic primary voters who'll constitute a significant segment of the June 8 turnout.

Lincoln's every-which-way campaign strategy gets another look today, too, from Politico's Jonathan Martin.

Unable to decide if she was Sam Nunn or Huey Long, and already facing a more generalized incumbent backlash, with the run-off fast approaching Lincoln now has no natural constituency save Democratic establishment regulars who have little regard for the uber-ambitious Halter.

Lincoln complains about union money being spent to defeat her and it's a significant amount. Whether it's the $10 million she cites, I don't know. But she has personally raised more than $9 million herself and independent groups have spent millions more against Halter as well (and shroud their identity). The unions only leveled the playing field for Halter. They didn't tilt it. In the end, I still believe she will rise or fall on her own merits (or her failure to sell those merits to voters.)

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