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DADT Roll Call: Pryor



More on my effort to get an up-or-down answer from the Arkansas congressional delegation on the coming vote to repeal the don't-ask-don't-tell law, but leave implementation of gay service, if ever, to the Pentagon, no sooner than Dec. 1.

SEN. MARK PRYOR: He was asked about it in a call with reporters this week, but his response didn't answer the question specifically. He indicated a preference for preserving the law [he erroneously indicated it was administrative policy] until military leaders have completed a study of the issue. On the compromise itself:

I haven't seen it yet. The language as far as I know has not been released yet. [It was filed Tuesday.] I will definitely look at the compromise and I'll see if it's something that I'm comfortable doing. But my first inclination would be to let our military people make this decision.

Missing Vic Snyder and his long support for repeal in advance of his retirement. Appreciating Blanche Lincoln on this one for her seeming support for repeal.

Berry, Ross, Boozman: Still crickets.

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