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DADT Roll Call: Boozman


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John Boozman's people won't take my calls, but Roby Brock got a statement from the Republican on the compromise to repeal don't-ask-don't-tell, but give the Pentagon time to recommend how to implement the change. Not surprisingly, Boozman hangs with the 25-percenters who believe it should be legal to discriminate against gay people in the military and anywhere else. He'll toe the  Republican Party's new line -- vote against repeal (news release on jump), even if it means voting against military appropriations. That's how the bigoted faux patriots roll.

JOHN BOOZMAN: "The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have warned legislative action to overturn the law will undermine their review and will be a disservice to our military servicemembers. Therefore, Congressman Boozman feels it is inappropriate for Congress to address the issue before our military leaders have a chance to complete their review -especially when we are a country at war."

So far from my survey: Vic Snyder and Blanche Lincoln for equal treatment under the law. Mark Pryor passes the buck (but promising a further statement). John Boozman in favor of continued workplace discrimination against gay people.

ROSS and BERRY: Crickets.


As we approach Memorial Day America’s men and women in uniform continue to defend freedom in U.S. military operations as part of the Global War on Terror. At the same time Speaker Pelosi is using legislation that provides them with the resources needed to accomplish their mission to push controversial changes to military policy through Congress without the input of servicemembers and the families that support them.
Offered as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill, Members of Congress will vote to repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ a policy that will directly impact all American military personnel.
“There is no reason to change the policy at a time our nation is at war. I am against modifying our current law without allowing our military men and women to have the opportunity to voice their concerns and views on this issue. This is legislation that Congress must provide a meaningful discussion with everyone involved, not just on the House Floor for a 10 minute debate.”
Top U.S. military leaders including Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, expressed their concerns earlier this year about changing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell before an official review of the policy by the Department of Defense is complete. That review is expected to be finalized in December.

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