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Lincoln: I'll debate, if .....



If you look back, I think you'll agree I more or less anticipated this response to Bill Halter's criticism of Sen. Blanche Lincoln for not jumping at the chance for another debate.

Little Rock - U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln today said she is prepared to meet Bill Halter for a fourth debate as soon as he tells Arkansas voters where he stands on card check legislation.

"My stand on this legislation is the reason D.C. Unions are in Arkansas spending nearly $10 million attacking me and misrepresenting my record," Lincoln said.  "Arkansans know my record, and they deserve to know where Bill stands.  If we are going to debate the issues, we both have to be willing to take a stand on the issues."

Lincoln has announced an eight day Countdown to Victory tour, June 1-8, through several counties in the state to meet with voters and encourage supporters to early vote.

Halter camp responds:

"This is typical Washington hypocrisy to demand an answer about a bill  that she co-sponsored only to kill later.  This is exactly why we need to have a debate and exactly why she's trying to avoid one."

BY THE WAY: You'll want to read Ernest Dumas' analysis this week of why Bill Halter is the stronger of the two Democrats to face John Boozman in the fall.

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