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3rd District Repubs spar



I know Barack Obama. Steve Womack is no Barack Obama. But Cecile Bledsoe, the runnerup to Womack in the GOP primary for the 3rd District congressonal nomination apparently has drawn the comparison in a mailer for the June 8 runof. (In Republican circles, you cannot be accused of lower than being similar to the black racial Muslim Indonesian named Hussein.)

Womack responds that Cecile Bledsoe voted to raise taxes. That's a dirty thing for a Republican to do, even if it's to pay for health care. She sure enough did.


Bledsoe Seeks to Hide Tax Increase Record with Attack Mailer

In a desperate attempt to hide her own votes for increased taxes from voters, Third District Congressional candidate Cecile Bledsoe today mailed voters an attack postcard comparing conservative Rogers Mayor Steve Womack with President Barack Obama (not a typo).

The two candidates' records on taxes could not be more clear.  Bledsoe is the only candidate in the race with a demonstrated record of voting for tax increases on multiple occasions.

In over eleven years as Rogers Mayor, Womack ended deficit spending and balanced the budget every year without ever raising taxes.

In contrast, Bledsoe has proven to be a reliable vote for Democrats in Little Rock whenever they needed her help to pass a tax increase.

Bledose was the deciding vote last year for the passage of the Democrat's number one legislative priority, an almost $100 million tax increase on tobacco. She has also supported the streamlined sales tax and even voted to increase the tax on milk.

Commenting on Bledsoe's negative tactics, Womack said:

"Throughout this campaign we have always tried to take the high road - conducting our campaign with character and focusing exclusively on issues and solutions for the problems facing our country.

It is disappointing, though not unsurprising, that Bledsoe feels the need to resort to baseless negative attacks. With her record on taxes, the size of her deficit in the polls and the little time that's left in the race, she has apparently developed  a win at all cost mentality.

Bledose relies on over the top rhetoric because she lacks a record to run on. Throughout this campaign she has failed to cite legislation she has authored and successfully passed to cut spending, build jobs, stop illegal immigration or support our military.

These attacks are an insult to the over  19,000 people who voted for me in the primary and to all voters who value accurate and substantive debate.  The American people are tired of this kind of politics and it does nothing to move our country forward.

I am confident the voters will see this attack for exactly what it is and send Mrs. Bledsoe a message about it on Election Day."

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