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There Sen. Lincoln goes again


Sen. Blanche Lincoln called election night for positive campaigning in the runoff campaign. The Halter camp says she's already gone negative.


North Little Rock – Two days after Lt. Governor Bill Halter released a positive TV ad on his promise of bringing change to Washington and working for middle-class Arkansas families, Sen. Blanche Lincoln will break her own election night promise to end negative campaigning.
"I want to call on Bill Halter to end all of his negative ads and I will, too," Lincoln said Tuesday night, according to the Associated Press.  To borrow a favorite quote from the senator herself, "That didn't last long."
Lincoln's new TV ad, scheduled to air Saturday, repeats the same false charge about Lt. Governor Halter that has been made by a shadowy Republican front group.
By contrast, Lieutenant Governor Halter's new ad, titled "Change," shows the candidate talking with Arkansans on city streets and in Main Street businesses about how he will work for them and against the special interests that dominate Washington.
"Lt. Governor Halter's new ad illustrates his commitment to standing up for Arkansas families who are hungry for a change in how things work in our nation's capital," said Halter campaign manager Carol Butler.  "Sen. Lincoln's new ad reflects typical Washington hypocrisy as she continues to lie about Bill Halter."

"I want to call on Bill Halter to end all of his negative ads, and I will too," the AP quotes Lincoln as saying after Bill Halter fought the two-term incumbent to a near draw. "This should be a race about the issues, and not all of this mudslinging."
Bill Halter is talking about the issues.  Senator Lincoln is back to slinging mud.

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