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The amazing Boozman



That headline's a little tongue-in-cheek. But the Republican-friendly Rasmussen polling shows he'd beat Lincoln 66-28 and Halter 60-33. Heck, why even have an election?

Because stuff happens. Boozman's unfavorables can be increased. I don't believe 72 percent of Arkansans want repeal of health care reform and I believe many who do will begin to feel differently as those who've been denied insurance begin buying it.

An uphill climb for a Democrat? sure.

UPDATE: Speaking of health care, take a look at this story about the Arkansas couple killed financially because their insurance company wouldn't fully cover medical costs for treatment of a severe injury in an accident that required emergency treatment "out of network." The bill ends this insurance company gravy train. Don't tell me 72 percent of Arkansans prefer the old system.

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