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The Arts Center and Plummer


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The Arkansas Arts Center has released its separation agreement with former director Nan Plummer, who resigned in April after debts from the current exhibit "World of the Pharaohs" reached $1.7 million, a sum loaned the Arts Center by the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation.

Plummer will receive severance pay of $75,000, less normal payroll deductions, in one lump sum, a contribution to her 401(k) of $3,000 (which is what the AAC would have paid to the plan for 2010), payment of her health insurance for three months, $5,000 for "outplacement services," a reference letter and the right to purchase the car furnished to her for $8,500.

The agreement says that neither Plummer nor the Arts Center will "make any negative oral or written statements against the other" about actions taken by the center, the board of trustees or Plummer.

Plummer's yearly salary was $165,375. She had received $25,000 merit bonuses as well.

Trustee Bob Birch said the board would have no comment about its inquiry into the actions of former deputy director of operations Rocky Nickles.


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