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Halter's odd coalition



I think I wrote all around this yesterday, but John Brummett boils down nicely how Bill Halter forced Sen.Blanche Lincoln into a runoff and a fight that will leave either survivor damaged come fall -- liberal money and a conservative voter backlash (not to mention a strong black vote for Halter.)

One thing that should change in November. It's hard to imagine how the black vote will be splintered in a choice between a Democrat -- blue or purple -- and John Boozman.

The NY Times visits Grant County this morning to sample voters who gave Bill Halter victories in rural 4th District Counties.

Talking Points Memo has also discovered (told you so early yesterday) that conservative voters powered Halter's finish. (I don't know how TPM figured S. Ark. is Halter's home area. He got the dog beaten out of him in the county where he grew up, went to high school and now lives.)

And here's a thought: A Times thumbsucker on voter mood suggests that old political rules are changing and it's not all about ideology or strictly anti-incumbency sentiment. You wouldn't have to stretch this theory much to conclude that Bill Halter might be the stronger candidate -- whatever of the usual labels the GOP attack machine would apply -- against a Washington insider born and bred of the political establishment, John Boozman. Just a thought.

Chart below from TPM after latest "snap" polling.


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