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DeLay endorses Bledsoe



Gunner DeLay, a close third in the race for the GOP nomination for 3rd District Congress, has announced his endorsement of second-place finisher Cecile Bledsoe. Some other familiar Republican names will also join this united front against ballot leader Steve Womack. He responds:

It's no secret that as a sitting Legislator Cecile has had the political establishment backing her, but I'm not sure how much stock people put into politicians endorsing one another.

DeLay's move comes as no surprise. Our history on the campaign trail was clear to everyone. And as the front runner in this race I have kind of felt like a Pinata with some people wanting to take shots at me.

But I was honored to have the endorsement of over 19,000 Third District voters Tuesday. I would be honored to have it again in the run-off, along with the support of those who may have supported candidates no longer in the race.

Game on. Will Bledsoe do her own fighting, or will she send DeLay out as forward observer?

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