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The GOP noise factory



I see Tim Griffin and Cecile Bledsoe, No. 2 in the 3rd District Republican primary, have the same speechwriter, a GOP mobster clattering away in a Washington, D.C. soundbite factory. In her runoff statement she rallies voters for the cause of stopping Nancy Pelosi's "radical assault on our freedoms."

Enumerate, please.


Rogers -- State Senator Cecile Bledsoe, Candidate for Congress in the 3rd District, released the following statement today:
"First, I want to thank my supporters throughout the Third District for their hard work and dedication over the last three months. I wouldn’t be in the runoff today without your support.
Second, I want to congratulate my opponents for their vigorous campaigns. Over the last three months, I have spent more time with Gunner, Bernie, Doug, Mike, Steve, and Kurt than I’ve spent with my own family. They are all formidable candidates, good Christian men, and patriotic Americans. If you supported these fine men—and I understand why many of you did—I ask today for your support in the runoff on June 8.
Finally, I want to urge you all to fight on for three more weeks as we stand up to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s radical assault on our freedom. We have journeyed many miles, but we still have a ways to go to nominate a true conservative to represent our party in this race. Join me in this fight and I will never let you down."

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