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Arrest made in attempted abduction



I apologize to several readers who shared an e-mail about an assault of a young woman who answered the door Sunday to a man with a small dog. The assault was on Shamrock, near Hall High School. (Not in Hillcrest, as several early reports had it.) The suspect was arrested at his home on Leslie Circle in Leawood, not far from the scene of the crime.

I couldn't make contact with an LRPD spokesman to check the account, but Channel 11 did. The story in the e-mail was true and an arrest was made this evening of a 57-year-old man. Police believe the suspect stalked the woman and tried to abduct her, but neighbors intervened.

On the jump is an e-mail that widely circulated today:

I just got a disturbing phone call from XXXXXXXX. She lives with two
other girls, and on Sunday night one of them was brutally attacked and almost kidnapped. They live in the Hillcrest/Heights neighborhood.  A white male 45-50 came to the front door with a dog, and said that it was lost and he couldn't read the tag to return it to its owner. He asked her to help him. She opened the door and he came inside their house handcuffed and tied her up and beat her. He then tried different shoes on her, packed a black stiletto, tank top, thong, and a washcloth in a bag, dragged her by her hair outside to his car that was parked in her driveway. He told her if she screamed he would slit her throat. She did. The neighbors came out and called the police. He jumped in his car and left. Inside after he beat her, he told her that he wanted to cut her face up and cut her eyes out. He had box cutters with him. Thankfully, she got away with a lot bruising and a possible broken jaw. I just wanted to let you guys know...he is still free, and to be aware. She was home alone for a couple of hours, and this happened. Pass on to your women friends.

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